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Sales & Exchanges

American Aviation Supplies’ business covers sale, exchange and lease of aircraft parts. If you’re in the market for quality spare parts, then you’re exactly in the right place! In addition to our own inventory, we have also created a business network that lets us fulfill all of our customers aviation needs. We works with manufacturers, distributors, repair shops to supply rotables and expendables at very competitive prices with exceptional delivery times, achieving the best supply-chain connectivity. We also have consignment sales agreement with various partners with good track record of delivering inventory solutions and component-asset management programs. We are committed to providing the most quality controlled parts with traces and certifications, offering superior customer satisfaction.

Note: We do not stock all Chemicals material and Fabrics so these materials will require a lead time of at least 3 days to ship.

24/7 AOG Service:

We know how critical it is to provide the specialized services required in AOG situations. Our large network of suppliers of rotables and expendable components enables us to fullfill your needs at moment's notice no matter where you are located.

Our team are trained to ensure your aircraft is back in the air with the minimal delay possible.

For all your AOG requests, please contact us directly at: AOG@aas-usa.com

Note: We do not provide AOG on all Hazmat materials.