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For Airlines and Maintenance facilities, it is not easy to research aircraft parts, find the right suppliers or repair stations, and negotiate pricing and delivery. Our past experiences have proved that Airlines and Maintenance facilities often experience complications including: missing paperworks, incorrect quantity, managing returns(which takes time, money and effort), and other issues. To help you avoid these issues and focusing in what is most critical for your company, AAS offers a Purchasing Agency agreement that will simplify your procurement process.

With this agreement, you agree to engage American Aviation Supplies, LLC as your North American purchasing agent of all types or part of aircraft spare parts, accessories, rotables, gound support equipement, raw material and other related items for the maintenance of your aircraft and facilities. You also agree that American Aviation Supplies, LLC will manage all or part of your repair and overhaul needs.

On a yearly basis, if you reaches specified level of purchases, you will receive a discount to the amount of your purchases. Furthermore, if American Aviation Supplies, LLC is to benefit from various discounts from its own suppliers, it shall pass these discounts to you.

Key Advantages include having a single source for all your components, competitive prices, consolidation of shipping and more....

To learn more and take advantage of American Aviation Supplies, LLC's Agreement, please contact us.