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About Us

American Aviation Supplies LLC is a United Stated of America based company that has rapidly grown to become a leading aftermarket aviation parts supplier with one commitment: Providing quality parts and innovative solutions that best fit customers needs.

We are an accredited company complying with the FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B and operating under TAC-2000 Quality Assurance Standards. Accreditation number#A160721S

We specialize in the sale, exchange, lease, repair and overhaul management services of commercial related aircraft components. We also provide specialized services and products per unique customer request.

AAS offers acccess to an inventory of more than 3 million items at competitive prices. Thanks to its partnership with leading manufacturers, distributors, qualified suppliers and repair stations.



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We offer consignment sales and surplus inventory solution to turn customers surplus and or unwanted stock to CASH.

We offer purchasing agency to represent customers best interests in northen America.

AAS has the needed skills and resources to assist you with your product/service from anywhere in the world.

We are located minute from Tampa International Airport, so you are sure your part will be on the next plane.